How Can We Distinguish Good Aluminum Truss?

2017-07-11 20:47:41 jieol 137

As Internet develops, the products of equipment industry,such as stage,aluminum truss sell from internet become more universal.But it has lots of disadvantages,customers usually can't know the real factory,the quality of products,and workmanship.So,someone take advantage of the loopholes of it and make poor quality truss,which leads to frequent accidents.

And how to distinguish good aluminum truss is becoming more and more important,so,the quality of aluminum truss must caught our attentions,it's very important to choose fine,high effecient and safe aluminum truss,in other way,you have to know much about the material and process.And you'd better go to the workshop to observe yourself.Any product has to be something to win the market.Of course,including the aluminum truss.There are lots of kinds aluminum truss,but the advantage is the key.So,how can we distinguish good aluminum truss?

First of all,generally speaking,fine aluminum truss are welded carefully with delicate welding lines,and also in accurate size.It's not allowable for the accessories not paired to the truss.The bad aluminum truss have something in common,for example,rough welding,bad shaping and looking.

Second,aluminum truss is silvery after processing,it's very neat and bright,which the bad ones is not so shiny,bad looking.

Third,aluminum truss are ofter packed in bubble package to ensure not to be damaged in shipping.But others packed in plastic bags.Fine alumimun truss are welded in both ends to enhance the strength whichare far better than bad ones.

Finally,fine aluminum truss are well polished to make sure they are flat.


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