The fixed way of tent

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How to choose the fixed way of tent?

1. Grass or mud (all soft ground)

1.drlling stee.jpg

This fixed way is mainly applied to the soft sand, mud or grass, usually in outdoor lawn wedding tents, parks and other tents will be used, fixed with long drlling steel will be deducted on the ground , tents removed after the ground can be flattened.

2. Concrete floor


This cementing method can be applied to concrete or asphalt surface. Such as used for long-term storage and workshops etc.This method of fixing is simple and can fix the tent well. However, the anchoring will damage the concrete surface. This method of fixing must first consider whether the ground can be damaged or not.

3. All can not be destroyed on the ground

3.weight plate.jpg

For marble or ceramic tile can not be damaged mainly by the weight plate to be fixed .You can use the weight plate to suppress column floor, Place sandbags, cement blocks or stones on the weight plate to fix the tent.

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