How to choose the sidewall for warehouse tent?

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The Warehouse Tent / storage tent is high quality tent product, which fabricate with strong and durable aluminum and PVC Trap. It can easily connect and quickly assemble to build in a short time. Advantaging with low costs, short assembly time and recycle, which means it can save labor costs and decrease the building period and improve the production rate by its easy transport and customized design and free spots choice.


The main frameworks are manufactured with hard-pressed extruded anodized aluminum alloy. The covers is made of flame retardant double PVC coated polyester textile strictly based on the European standard DIN 4102B1, M2. However, not only the specifications of industrial Warehouse tents, many types of choices, and there are many choices around the wall. To meet the needs of different storage applications, JIEOL provides PVC membraneABS wallsandwich wall (filled by RW). So how to choose the sidewall for your warehouse tent? Let’s get started to learn and choose the suitable one for your storage.


PVC Membrane

JIEOL provides 650g/sqm white PVC fabric to be the sidewall option. It is the most simple, affordable and rapid manner to set up sidewall if you just store something normal. PVC fabric has the perfect performance in waterproof, anti-crash, UV resistance and fire retardant. So this kind of sidewall can reach the basic requirement like a sunshade, wind resistance, and heavy rain. As the high-quality material, the life-span of the PVC fabric will be up to 5-10 years.


ABS hardware wall

ABS wall is currently more commonly used in outdoor tents in the wall, which has a good hardness, impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, in many applications Field can be widely used, but also has a better security and stability than tarpaulin, storage tent is one of the more commonly used wall!


Sandwich Wall

Sandwich wall is widely used in architectural field including industrial and permanent building. It has a good thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire and other superior performance, for the warehouse tent to achieve higher quality, efficient, reliable and safe. Sandwich wall is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for temporary storage tent so far.


Our warehouse tent offers best solutions for the coverage of big stock and provide storage solutions for any kind of heavy duty equipment and luggage.

Guangzhou JIEOL Stage Equipment CO., LTD

Guangzhou JIEOL Stage Equipment CO., LTD

Guangzhou JIEOL Stage Equipment CO., LTD

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