About Geodesic Dome Tent

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Geodesic dome tent


l Name:Geodesic Dome Tent

l Color:White, Transparent or Customized

l Feature: Waterproof/Flame Retardant/UV-resistant/Self-supporting/Long lifespan

l Type:Glass land, Ground, Sand, Any ground

l Size: From 3 to 50 diameter. Depend on your requirements.

l Material: PVC coated Polyester Fabric  &  Seamless Steel Tube

l Application: Camping, Hotel, Party, Garden Igloo, 360 Cinema, Warehouse, Trade show, Exhibition etc

l Key word: Geodesic Dome Tent, Dome Tent, Dome Tent House, Garden Igloo, Camping Tent


Geodesic Dome Tent is a new type of temporary building with a elegant and magnificent appearance, it is durable and heavy-duty which able to resist up 100km/hour wind speed. The main framework material are manufactured with Stainless steel or Hot-dip Galvanized steel. There are three types of cover can be choose, one of them is White PVC coated, second one is fully transparent and another one are combined with white and transparent PVC. The cover coated materials are both Waterproof, fireproof(DIN4012 B1, M2), UV-resistant. Therefore our product can have a long lifespan without human destruction.


Various dimensions of Geodesic Dome Tent can be manufactured according to your need, such us different diameter 4/6/8/10/12/15 m and so on. It worth to say that our dome tents are no interior poles structure design so as to give you 100% use of interior space. Compared with other permanent building, our Dome Tent are not only east to assemble and demount, but also convenient to transport and storage.

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Geodesic Dome Tent are widely used in different kinds of activities,such as exhibition, trade show, celebration, party, outdoor wedding, sport activities, festival activities (music festival, beer festival, food festival), warehouse, temporary construction, emergency relief and so on.


The dome can be from top to bottom or bottom to top, depending on the size of the dome and the height of the ladder. The building eliminates the need for ladders from top to bottom, but it is best to have more people to help. When the dome rises, you need a person to keep it at each vertex. If your poles are bent in the process. The bottom-to-top assembly is safer on the dome, but it means you have to bring a ladder and/or scaffolding high enough to reach the top of the dome. Create a dome in the layer, whether you are from top to bottom or bottom to bottom. Don't go beyond yourself. If you build in layers, the dome will support itself almost as it rises. It may be a good idea to designate a person as a component person. All this person has to do is lay a layer of pillars on the ground for the assembly crew. This can prevent anxiety builders from surpassing other crew members. Do not tighten the bolts until all the pillars are in place. When the dome is built, the struts will move to their correct alignment and they will not be able to do so if the bolts are tightened. Remember, the dome won't get its strength until the last pillar is in place and all the bolts are tightened.

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