Eye-catching Arcum Wedding Tent in Romania

2021-07-16 16:16:22 woskddd 67

Case Item: Arcum Roofing Tent 28m x 30m

Inner Width: 25m / Side Terrace: 1.5m x 2 / Total Width: 28m

Inner Length: 20m / Front Terrace: 10m / Total Length: 30m

Outer Area: 28mx30m, 840sqm / Inner Area:25mx20m, 500sqm


From August 2020 to June 2021, after exactly 10 months, we finally received this eye-catching case. It was a long time to wait, howerver fortunately, the case is such big success.


Our client received the tent in August last year, but due to the epidemic last year, the client was unable to start the set-up work. It was not until March of this year that the client was able to start the set-up. We have been giving guidance online to our client on the installation of the tent. Soon, the tent was completely erected. This was the first time this client bought such type of tent, and he reported that it was not as difficult to set up as he thought, and everything went smoothly.


After a few months of decorating and planning by our client, the final effect was achieved as beautiful and eye-catching as in the photos. Our client is so great!


Elegant arcum roofing with delicate decoration, is really a template for wedding tents.