Why dome tent is popular ?

2021-08-13 11:07:38 woskddd 4

Dome tent has become the most popular product for camping,eventing or party.Since its much economical and modern for application. And why people will prefer to have the dome tent for his business , here may some idea. And sure its the advantage of the dome tent。

1) The dome tent is easy and fast to assemble and dismantle. It took us 2 hours to build a 5 diameter dome tent

2) The fusion of Dome Tent offers people around the globe a visual adventure unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

3) It can be described as going to a world class theater whose presentation wraps around 360 degrees with enchanting picture and video.

4) It is apply to any events,such as Concerts, Exhibitions, Wedding, Party, Camping, Hotel, Garden etc.