Landscape Sunshade

high strength but light weight waterproof, UV resistant, heat insulation self-cleaning, beautiful view easy & short instal

  • Name:Tensile Fabric Structure
  • Color:Customized
  • Type:Architecture Membrane
  • Material:PTFE/PVDF,Q235/Q345 Low Carbon Steel
  • Application:Landscape Sunshade

high strength but light weight 

waterproof, UV resistant, heat insulation 

self-cleaning, beautiful view 

easy & short instal 


Membrane structure shed

Safe and Easy to instal.

Membrane structures, Tensile membrane structure, Tension membrane structures

1. Cost-effective: About 1/3 to 1/2 lower than conventional structures on costs;

2. Short Construction time: Half time is saved compared to the traditional buildings;

3. Large Span: The largest span of Tension membrane structures can exceed to 200m;

4. Features: Unique Forms with professional and high strength structure; Light in weight, concise in structure and harmonious with nature; Stable and durable; Waterproof, UV resistant, anti-rust and flame retardant; Less maintenance, energy and cost saving, easy to move and install;

5. Applications: This kind of Tension membrane structures can be widely used in seasonal or permanent structures for indoor sports and recreational facilities as gymnasiums, stadiums, swimming pools, cafeterias and food courts, exhibition and conventional centers, canopies and vehicle parkings, etc.


Guangzhou JIEOL Steel Structure Co., Ltd is professional and practical in designing, processing and installing. You may give us your own drawings to enable us construct as per your request or you might just give us your ideas, we can design the project based on your ideas. Buildings of steel structure are safe, easy to install and disassemble. This steel structure can be used multiple times without special tools.

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