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With the blossoming tourism, traditional hotels with a single accommodation experience are no longer satisfying contemporary people, especially the young age who is the generation in pursuit of fashion, adventure and uniqueness.Escaping the hustle and bustle of concrete buildings and involving into the scent of birds and flowers has become a new way of vacation for people in recent years. So camping become a hot tourist item.


Traditional outdoor camping, to find a beach or hillside and stay for one night with portable tents, is without hygienic living environment and unified environmental management. Not only is the camping experience poor, safety is not guaranteed.Moreover, it causes some pollution to the local environment.


Hotel tents that meet the diversified needs of tourists have emerged at the historic moment. They not only provide people with comfortable accommodation in star-rated hotels, but also deeper experience on the local natural scenery and customs. Hotel tents of various shapes are unique scenic lines themselves Importantly, no matter freezing winter and hot summer, strong wind and heavy rain, hotel tents can ensure the accommodation safety completely.


It is attributed to the product characteristics of hotel tent, which is a temporary building with a steel structure as the main frame and PVC/PVDF high-strength tensile membranes as the cover. Its special membrane has the functions of rainproof, moisture-proof, and mildew-proof. Its outdoor service life lasts more than 10 years. Therefore, hotel tents have become the new popularity of tourism domestic and overseas, and attracted a large number of investors.


Guangzhou Jieol five-star hotel tents, besides geodesic dome tent and shell-shaped hotel tents, more models are available,such as polygonal, curved, high peak, etc. Customized your safari tents are provided as per different customer needs.Adhering to the human-oriented, comfortable and natural design concept, from design research and development,manufacturing, to transportation, installation and after-sales service, will be strictly controlled. Jieol strive to provide one-stop comprehensive solution.Vast grasslands, quiet deserts, beautiful mountains and rivers, surging seas, rural fields, Jieol five-star tents will accompany you always.


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