Jieol Tent's global Travel & Tours: Thailand Tour

2019-05-25 19:54:38 woskddd 113

Jieol Tent's global Travel & Tours: Thailand Tour

After Successful completion of Infocomm,BKK ,Jieo tent sales team begins our 4 days travel trip.


As the top sales of vicky and nicole got the chance of travelling because they are going well Completed their sales task last year in 2018. This is a long awaited travel for colleagues who have been busy for a whole year, and it is very precious experience for the sales team to travel together in foreign countries I am so proud to have this wonderful opportunity to travel Thailand as an TOP SALER. I really appreciate our company's training to us. I have to say also our company has created an innovative , positive company culture, all of my colleagues feel the warmth of being one of the team. it helps strengthen the internal power of our company , We works together to get work done. We promised that they would keep growing working hard in the coming future, in 2019. In the meantime, I am sure our company also will accomplish a higher achievement with all Liners.

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Contributor: Nicole & Vicky